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Brain Injury Information

Brain injury can happen to anyone. The effects of a brain injury can be wide ranging, and depend on a number of factors such as the type, location and severity of injury. Every person's injury is unique, so they will experience any number of the symptoms, which can range from mild to severe.

We recommend that you visit Headway UK's website for comprehensive information about brain injury. They have a large range of factsheets available on-line, as well as booklets available on a range of areas.

Did you know?

  • Weight. The brain weighs about 3 lbs
  • Water. About 75% of the brain is made up of water
  • Neurons. Your brain has about 100 billion neurons (brain cells)
  • Pain. The brain feels no pain because it has no pain receptors
  • Blood vessels. There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the brain


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