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Living with my Brain Injury

Emma Martins was at the height of her career as a television producer when she sustained a brain injury caused by a life-threatening viral infection she contracted while on holiday in Vietnam. Given just a 20% chance of survival and spending three months in hospital, she fought extremely hard. Following her illness Emma had to relearn how to walk and come to terms with the realisation that it would be impossible for her to return to her previous career. Learning to adapt to having partial sight, cognitive fatigue and severe dyslexia as a result of her brain injury, Emma has put together a blog on her journey of living with brain injury.

Emma Martins, a once flourishing television producer at the pinnacle of her career, found her trajectory abruptly altered by a life-altering incident during a holiday in Vietnam. A grave brain injury, stemming from a viral infection contracted overseas, became the catalyst for a profound transformation in Emma's life.

Enduring the grueling reality of a mere 20% chance of survival, Emma exhibited extraordinary resilience during her three-month hospital stay. Her fight against the odds was a testament to her unwavering spirit and determination to overcome adversity.

However, the aftermath of her illness presented a new set of challenges. Emma faced the daunting task of relearning how to walk, and the harsh reality set in that returning to her former career as a television producer was an impossibility. This pivotal realisation compelled her to navigate the uncharted terrain of life post-injury, redefining her identity and purpose in the process.

Living with the enduring effects of the brain injury, Emma grappled with partial sight, cognitive fatigue, and severe dyslexia. These challenges, once unfamiliar, became integral aspects of her daily existence. Rather than succumbing to the difficulties, Emma embraced the journey of adaptation, resilience, and self-discovery.

In an effort to share her experiences and insights, Emma has taken to the digital realm and crafted a blog chronicling her remarkable journey of living with a brain injury. Through her compelling narratives, readers gain an intimate understanding of the highs and lows, triumphs and setbacks, and the profound lessons learned on the arduous path toward acceptance and a redefined life. Emma's blog stands as a beacon of inspiration, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of the human spirit when faced with life's unexpected challenges.

Blog 1

Celebrating a Decade of Resilience: Blog One is live! Join Emma Martins as she takes us back to the pivotal moment that changed her life, sharing the journey from the day she sustained a brain injury to her present challenges and triumphs. A decade of strength, resilience, and inspiring personal growth.

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Blog 2

Welcome to a blog where rhythm meets equations, and the world of tap dancing intertwines with the challenges of math lessons and the joy of reading. Join me on a unique journey as I navigate the rhythmic beats of tap dancing endeavors, accompanied by the pursuit of mathematical mastery and the delightful exploration of captivating books.

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Blog 3

Welcome to a blog where Emma introduces us to her career before her Brain Injury. Explore how Emma manages her symptoms post-brain injury including memory difficulties.

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Blog 4

Welcome to a blog where Emma tells us about remembering dreams, keeping her home tidy, early days, being part of the Community again and the route to recovery over a cuppa.

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Blog 5

Welcome to a blog where Emma explains how technology has helped with her brain injury.

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