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Headpods Series 2

Headpods is a series of inspiring interviews with people who have overcome huge adversity following their brain injury. It is presented by Emma Martins, who herself has an acquired brain injury.

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Episode 1: Sam

In early 2022 Sam was riding his pushbike home late one evening after socialising with friends. He was found unconscious in a ditch with no recollection of what happened, but he had suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Sam has taken on the challenge of developing his cognitive abilities and is making very good progress. It’s still early days and here is his Headpod story.

Episode 2: James

James was a young pilot working for BA. He was socialising in Paris with his friend and co- pilot and two cabin crew. They were scheduled to fly back the next morning. James recounts the moment when he decided to show off and jump over a bannister in the hotel, not realising there was a two floor drop onto a marble floor. James is a very charismatic story-teller and has embraced many positive changes during his 18 year recovery.

Episode 3: Andrew

Andrew was riding his motorbike one day just outside Norwich and had a collision with a car and was left with a traumatic brain injury. Andrew survived and is here to tell us his incredible story which could have been life or death.

Episode 4: Peter

Peter trained as a building surveyor in London, before moving back to East Anglia.  After this he was in a car accident with his friends and wife, but they survived against all the odds.

It wasn’t until they left the hospital that he had a stroke and acquired a brain injury (ABI).

Peter then had to have a craniotomy to release the pressure in his brain.  Amazingly, he is around today to tell his story.

Episode 5: Maggie

Maggie survived a blood clot in her brain only a year or so ago, which changed her life forever. She was only 20 at the time and was lucky to survive. She has recently moved in with her boyfriend in Sheffield, but I met her when she was living in Dereham, Norfolk and attending our Headway coffee morning at The Forum, Norwich.  Despite her ABI Maggie had managed to hold down her job at Aviva and is making great progress.

Episode 6: Maresa

Maresa Padmore worked at the UEA for 20 years returning after she had her children. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to her she had cluster veins in her brain, which led to an acquired brain injury in the form of an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM), in January 2023. 

Episode 6: Malcolm

Malcolm McDonnell grew up in Liverpool and was an engineer by trade. He met his wife in Bournemouth but travelled around the country for his work, eventually settling in Norwich, Norfolk with his family. Malcolm will be 78 this year but had a stroke a couple of years ago. He is very keen to get back in the driving seat and to share his story of recovery.