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2019 - Boccia Tournament - Fosters

On October 18th, Headway had its Annual Boccia Tournament whi1ch was sponsored by Fosters Solicitors, this year was slightly different though, as we welcomed 3 extra teams to take part!

This years’ Boccia Tournament had an exciting twist, with teams from the University of East Anglia as well as Foster’s Solicitors taking part alongside the four Headway Teams.

The competition was high, with the Headway Norwich team coming in second, and the sponsors team Fosters taking first place on the final ball. Headway King’s Lynn and Gorleston teams placed just behind. It was also great to see the Speech and Language Therapy Society and Occupational Therapy society taking part and supporting the charity.

Everyone is looking forward to next year's tournament, a huge thank you to Fosters Solicitors for sponsoring the event.

Click here to watch a video (if you haven't seen it already) of the Boccia Tournament that Foster's very kindly made for us!