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2019 - Run Norwich

On Sunday 21st July, over 7000 people took to the streets of Norwich and ran 10km, 125 of those runners raised funds for Headway Norfolk and Waveney.


With the help and support of family and friends, these individuals managed to raise over £23’000 for the charity, an amount that we are so grateful for. Headway had a lot of support, from staff, volunteers and of course our sponsors. A huge thank you to The Cotswold Company, who were kindly our main sponsor for the event, we wouldn’t have been able to be there without them, Aviva also offered their support in stickering all of those packets of love hearts in the goody bags - all 7500 of them!For most of the runners, training and fundraising started in January, below are a few accounts from our Headway Champions discussing what the run meant to them and why they decided to run for this charity:



Daniel, Headway Runner

‘As a 40 year old non runner I signed up for the Norwich 10K as a means of getting fit and set myself a target time of under one hour knowing that the Norwich race is notorious for its hills and hot temperatures.

I trained as hard as my body allowed with numerous small injuries along the way.

Race day arrived and with butterflies in my stomach I set off.

The cheering of the crowds and the spirit of my fellow runners spurred me on to finish in a time of 54.30. I was chuffed to bits.

I will definitely be back next year.


Nick, Headway Runner

‘I chose to run for Headway, which does so much in this county to support people in our region with traumatic and acquired brain injury, including strokes, their families and carers to regain confidence and overcome challenges.

My reason for choosing them was to raise money in memory of my close pal Jake Stephen who died from a brain tumour in 2001. When I applied to take part in January I saw the date of July 21, 2019 and instantly thought I'd run as an astronaut to mark 50 years since the first moon landing.

This was an event that everyone who took part in can feel proud that they did their bit in cementing Run Norwich as one of THE big city events of the year.’



Jemma, Headway Runner

‘We ran in honour and memory of my father in law, who died from a subdural haemorrhage in February this year.

Thank You for giving us the opportunity to give something back to the community’


Marcel, Headway Runner

‘Senior Estates Officer Marcel Pfang joined thousands of runners in this year’s Run Norwich.

Marcel raised over £500 for Headway Norfolk and Waveney.

Marcel was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2017 after collapsing while playing football in Norwich. He underwent gamma knife radio surgery, a type of radiation therapy used to treat tumours.

He said: “As someone who has suffered a brain injury, it feels fitting to run for a charity which supports people and helps then back on track. My treatment has been successful to date and I’ve always tried to continue with life as I did before diagnosis and not let it get in the way.’

Words by Laura Bagshaw


The final Thanks you has to go to the Run Norwich team, not only did they choose us to be one of their main charities of the run, the support and organisation couldn’t have been better. We look forward to seeing the 2020 chosen charities and will continue to cheer future runners.