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Halloween Fundraising Ideas

Halloween may look a little different this year, so if you are looking for virtual twists to your favourite holiday then look no further. Here are our top 5 fundraising ideas to get our autumn holiday back on track, all whilst raising money for Headway, be sure to have a look and pass on to anyone who may be interested!



Trick or Treat

Organise a food tasting evening with a twist! From mealworms to jelly beans, post a box full of different food tricks and treats to your friends. On halloween ask everyone to join a video call and take turns to try something new. You could even roll a dice to decide on a trick or treat!

Pumpkin Hunt

The traditional trick or treat may be off the cards, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still take the kids out this Halloween. Get together with your neighbours and organise a socially distanced pumpkin hunt instead! Print off pumpkins to display in your windows. On Halloween take your friends and family out in the neighbourhood to spot the pumpkins!

Zombie Run

If being active is your thing, then why not organise a zombie run? Get a team of friends together and set them distance goals to achieve. If they don’t hit their milestones, then it’s game over and the Zombies have them!

Spooky Party

Bring your family and friends together with a spooky halloween party! Organise party games people can play at home, and share on video such as using toilet roll to create the best mummy! You could even host a halloween quiz!

Horror Movie Marathon

Host your own horror movie marathon and donate the money you would have spent going out! Invite friends and family to watch the same movie on their TV and share your reactions over video – just make sure you all press play at the same time!