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2020 - Winter - King's Lynn

King’s Lynn have a lot of exciting projects starting, recently having began work on the allotment in collaboration with the Norfolk Autistic Society, clients have been enjoying the process of planting fruit and veg, - even when the weather isn’t the best! This year the team have already planted shallots, garlic and rhubarb; with a lot more planned.


Gardening and outdoor activities bring a lot of benefits, Headway Occupational Therapist Mike says "Participating in previously enjoyed outdoor activities like gardening, can be very difficult following a brain injury. Our gardening sessions provide Headway members with the opportunity to regain skills, as well as learn new skills and strategies that make gardening possible and enjoyable. Gardening also acts as an avenue to socialising with others in a relaxing outdoor environment. Apart from having our sensory garden at the centre we now also run gardening sessions at a local allotment which help Headway members access somewhere new in the community where they can grow fruit and vegetables across the year."


The art group at King’s Lynn is also thriving, here is Amy with her painting that took 3 months to complete. A lot of detail and technique was involved to create such a beautiful piece, mainly done in acrylic and experimenting with brush strokes, Amy has called the painting ‘Tranquility’.

King's Lynn also have a Carboot sale coming up on the Sunday 29th March at South Lynn Community Centre. Please click here to access a poster and for more information about stalls please call 07798 702515.