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Stamp collecting with Marion

Free Stamps to Collect!

I recently got back into stamp collecting when my sister discovered our childhood collections when she moved house.

Did you collect stamps as a child? Is your collection hiding in the loft? Now would be a great time to dig it out, or if you missed out as a child, now is your opportunity to start a collection!

I find it very therapeutic, particularly when there are a lot of things we can’t control, sorting and ordering stamps gives a sense of bringing order out of chaos and is quite satisfying!

I enjoy the lucky dip aspect, wondering what I will discover in this batch, will I find a really old one, or one that completes a set? I have also learnt so much about other countries; their geography, history, politics, famous people, flora and fauna etc

It is an excellent brain workout- cognitive skills are exercised in the sorting and ordering, the memory is constantly challenged, and handling, soaking off paper, and manipulating stamp hinges all tune up our fine motor skills!

Please listen to this short video, link below (forgive the glitches and teacher voice- difficult to get the info in time with the pictures!).


20 packs of stamps and hinges are available to get you into this fascinating hobby. Contact your support worker!

Marion  (Gorleston Headway)