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2020 - Winter - Norwich Centre

We have had some great events at the Norwich Centre, most recently a football tournament which was held at University of East Anglia (UEA) run by the fantastic Active Norfolk.

Spirits were high after the match, clients James and Richard showed off their skills and Craig said "I haven’t played football for fifteen years, I couldn’t believe I still had the same tricks up my sleeve, it was a great game."

The Norwich Centre team - commented on how well run the day was, as well as the hope to come back in the near future with more clients to take part in a match.

The Norwich centre also have some new physical activities launching, including rehabilitation circuits. Rachel, a Headway Occupational Therapist said that "Exercise is proven to have numerous benefits for everyone and, it is especially important for people with ABI. In order to improve an individual’s mobility, physical strength and promote independence. It is important to increase muscle mass that may have been lost after a brain injury.

Strength training and cardiovascular exercise can also help to increase mood, improve behaviour, health and general wellbeing. In addition, exercise can support in regaining movement and even improve brain and cognitive function by increasing blood flow and delivery of nutrients to the brain, boosting neurotransmitters and activating neuro- plasticity within the brain itself.

‘Rehabilitation circuits’  is a fun, all-inclusive group, that aims to target physical rehabilitation; whilst considering the individuals abilities , needs and goals and where outcomes are purposely measured mood and mobility."