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Craig Jennings



In July 2010 Craig was racing his bike at Brands Hatch when he was involved in a freak accident. As a result of this Craig was left with brain damage leading to limited speech and movement. Craig had married Rebecca just three months before the accident and he had considered giving up racing in the future to start a family. As it was his passion Rebecca was there to support him and was watching on the day of the accident.  Following the accident Craig was in a coma for five weeks. During this time Rebecca received the news that the best she should hope for would be that he would be able to fix his eyes on her again. 


Eight years on and their film marks the incredible progress Craig has made, more than that, it bears testimony to the strength and determination of this extraordinary couple. After two months in hospital Craig then spent a further eight months in the Norwich centre for specialist rehabilitation services and four years in a nursing home before he and Rebecca were able to move into their new home just outside of Norwich. 


The couple have overcome many obstacles, both physical and cognative, as Craig continues on his road to recovery. Attending Headway Norfolk & Waveney he has a bespoke development plan, which compliments his gym training, physiotherapy and a love for wine tasting. Through Craig’s journey Rebecca has continued to work full time, and is now Deputy head of a local primary school. This has certainly contributed to keeping their lives and their relationship as healthy as possible.


Craig’s next target is to walk again, something upon which he is resolutely focused. 


‘Despite the difficulties we have faced Craig is still exactly the same person that I married’.