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Mike Palmer


Mike started suffering with severe migraine, described as ‘cluster headaches’ in 2011. Over the following years these headaches steadily worsened and an MRI scan a showed a six inch tumor in his brain which was surgically removed in November 2015.  

After surgery Mike’s GP referred him to the specialist neurological rehabilitation unit based at the Coleman hospital in Norwich. The hospital has close links with Headway Norfolk and Waveney who offer a number of programmes personally tailored to the needs of each individual. Under the guidance of our occupational therapy team Mike has his own personal development plan which he works to through a range of tailored therapies. These include speech and language, fatigue and mood management.

Physically Mike struggles with numbness down the left-hand side of his body. However it is the more hidden effects of his brain tumour that have had the biggest impact on his life. Mike’s film focuses on these issues, drawing attention to the cognative impact of a brain injury not just for him, but for all those around him.  Being a part of the community at Headway Norfolk & Waveney is extremely important for Mike, alongside many others who are also coming to terms with the personal impact of a brain injury or stroke. 

Mike has become one of our strongest advocates and is pictured below with managing Director of Norfolk County Council, Wendy Thompson. 

‘ My brain tumour didn’t just change my life, it also turned the lives of so many people close to me upside down. Headway Norfolk & Waveney have helped us all to understand what is going on and given us some very practical help along the way. I want to help others to understand the help that is on offer and the difference that it can make’.