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Headway UK- Emergency Fund

Headway UK run an emergency fund supported by The Stewarts Law Foundation.

What is the fund for? The fund helps families and individuals cope with the practical implications of a sudden catastrophic brain injury. The Fund is limited, so Headway will take into account the financial situation of each applicant when allocating funds, and support families with savings of less than £1000. Grants of up to £500 to provide support for:

  • Travel costs for families visiting relatives in hospital or rehabilitation (but it is not possible to pay for taxi journeys)
  • Families facing financial hardship (but it is not possible to pay for food, debts, utility bills, rent deposits or everyday household expenses)
  • Emergency accommodation costs
  • Additional family costs in the immediate aftermath of brain injury Breaks for carers

Headway staff and volunteers will endeavour to secure alternative options for applicants, and signpost to appropriate services or funding resources. Who can apply? People with brain injury, carers, family members, Headway staff and other clinicians and professionals. You can find out more about the fund through Headway UK or please call us and we will do our best to help.