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Lived Experience Communicator

Get to know Emma

Emma is our Lived experience Communicator and presenter of our podcast series "Headpods".

A Lived experience Communicator is a key member of the team who plays a unique and essential role in ensuring that the services provided are sensitive and responsive to the needs of service users.

Emma is someone who has personal experience of living with a brain injury and therefore brings her firsthand knowledge and insight to the role. Emma works closely with service users and their families, providing peer support and guidance to help individuals navigate the challenges of living with a brain injury.

As a Lived experience Communicator, Emma provides a unique perspective that enriches the support and care provided to service users. She offers a level of understanding and empathy that is difficult to replicate, and her contribution is invaluable in ensuring that service users receive the highest quality care and support.

Emma is an ex-TV producer who survived a brain injury and now works at Headway.

I love working at Headway to help educate people about brain injuries and raising awareness about the hidden aspects. Being a survivor I feel like I'm quite skilled in that role!

Emma enjoys running, going out with her friends and yoga. She also does a lot of mindfulness to help her brain injury. Emma also volunteers elsewhere and does lots of other different podcasts.