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Bringing back smiles after brain injury

The individual case studies highlight the role that Headway Norfolk & Waveney have played in their pathway of care, and the difference our services have made to their lives.

Richard Middleton

At the age of 19, Richard suffered a massive aneurism brought about by a congenital disorder known as arteriovenous malformation, or AVM. Richard was given a 3% chance of survival.

Mark Baldwin

Mark tells us how a bleed on the brain resulted in him joining the Norwich Branch of Headway Norfolk and Waveney, and how the people there have supported his journey.

Dudley Garner

After heading home from the centre of Norwich down, Dudley was struck by a car that had lost control. Dudley suffered a fractured skull, smashed eye socket, damaged sinus’s and a hairline fracture to his neck. Only later, was he diagnosed with Diffuse Axonal Injury.

Mandy Hathway

Mandy had a stroke at just twenty years of age. Her film underlines the fact that strokes don’t just happen in later life, they can happen to anybody, at any age and at any time.

Chris Clark

Chris Clark was working in London as a carpenter, spending an evening out with friends. He was hit over the back of the head in an unprovoked attack. The paramedic team re-started Chris’s heart three times on the way to hospital. Substantial trauma to the rear of Chris’s head shunted his brain into the front of his skull, causing additional damage to the frontal lobe.

Mike Palmer

Mike started suffering with severe migraine, described as ‘cluster headaches’ in 2011. Over the following years these headaches steadily worsened and an MRI scan a showed a six inch tumor in his brain which was surgically removed in November 2015.