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DJ Workshop

We are pleased to announce a 6 week therapy programme for our clients in the form of a DJ Workshop. The programme is proudly sponsored by Wymondham Rotary Satellite Group.

Headway Norfolk and Waveney are pleased to announce the introduction of a new programme for its clients in the form of a DJ Workshop.

The programme is proudly sponsored by Wymondham Rotary Satellite Group.

The project attempts to provide innovative and inspiring therapeutic activity to assist service users with the recovery journey following brain injury.

As a charity, we recognise that younger clients need culturally appropriate approaches to successfully engage them in rehabilitation.

Amanda Barmby, Therapy Service Manager and Occupational Therapist at Headway Norfolk and Waveney commented, “Post brain injury if people have been unable to resume their previous roles, they commonly have reduced confidence and self-esteem. Learning new skills which are meaningful can encourage feelings of self-belief and competence.”

We recognise that the addition of music to any therapy programme is gaining an increasing evidence base for improving the effectiveness of rehabilitation and that for clients with an interest in music, the art of DJ-ing aims to provide an enjoyable and culturally and age-appropriate medium in which to reap the rehabilitative benefits.

Amanda adds “The skills involved in being able to DJ include the ability to sustain and alternate attention by learning to switch between tasks on the decks; it utilises procedural memory and exercises many aspects of executive functioning skills. It also includes the physical benefits of practising motor co-ordination and stamina.”

The Wymondham Rotary Satellite Group commented "When considering requests for financial support from local charities, there is often some personal connection to someone in the Rotary Satellite Group. However, when we were approached by Headway Norfolk and Waveney to be our Charity of the Year for 2023/24, we all felt that personal connection. As individuals, we might not have called on their services but we all recognise that a head injury can be devastating and is something that can happen to any of us, at any time. Headway Norfolk and Waveney are there to provide support to those who are affected by head injury and make a real difference to people's lives. We are delighted to be able to support this worthy charity."

The six-week DJ Skills programme will encompass 6 weeks of 2 hours sessions with a local DJ as well as assistance from Headway Norfolk and Waveney Key Support Workers.

For more information about the work of Wymondham Rotary Satellite Group, please visit their website: