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The Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Alliance works to enhance the benefits of rehabilitation by (a) facilitating implementation of research findings into practice and (b) undertaking primary research to add new knowledge

Welcome to Headway Norfolk and Waveney's website, your hub for comprehensive support and resources related to acquired brain injuries. As we embark on this journey of recovery and empowerment, we are thrilled to introduce you to a valuable link that can greatly enhance your understanding and access to resources in the realm of brain injury rehabilitation.

Allow us to introduce ABIRA - the Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Alliance. ABIRA stands as a beacon of collaboration and knowledge exchange within the field of brain injury rehabilitation. Their mission is to foster a collective environment where researchers, clinicians, caregivers, and individuals with acquired brain injuries can come together to share expertise, advancements, and insights.

Navigating the challenges that come with an acquired brain injury can be daunting, but with ABIRA's platform, you'll find a wealth of information that spans from the latest research breakthroughs to practical strategies for rehabilitation and coping. The alliance's commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration ensures that their resources are not only comprehensive but also accessible, catering to individuals at various stages of their brain injury journey.

We understand the importance of having a strong support network as you or your loved one work towards recovery. ABIRA's platform offers a virtual community where experiences are shared, questions are answered, and connections are forged. By embracing the power of knowledge and connection, we believe that you can find inspiration and resilience in your pursuit of a fulfilling life post-acquired brain injury.

Headway Norfolk and Waveney is excited to collaborate with ABIRA, as we both strive to empower individuals, families, and communities affected by acquired brain injuries. Explore the link we've provided to ABIRA's website here and unlock a world of valuable insights and connections. Remember, you're not alone on this journey – a supportive community and a wealth of resources await.