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Brain Injury Information

At Headway Norfolk and Waveney we support people with a brain injury from a number of causes. These causes include but are not limited to stroke, encephalitis and brain tumours to traumatic brain injuries caused by things such as cycling accidents, road traffic collisions and falls.

About Brain Injury

An acquired brain injury (ABI) is an injury caused to the brain since birth. There are many possible causes, including a fall, a road accident, tumour and stroke.

People can suffer from a variety of complicated cognitive, behavioural, emotional, and physical issues that can make it challenging for them to manage daily tasks, maintain relationships, or return to work.  Losing one's independence may cause isolation, a decline in one's sense of self, and or psychological issues for the individual. Family life can be impacted as well, and relationships can frequently fall apart without support.

Every person’s brain injury is unique, they can experience any range of symptoms and these can be mild or severe.

For further comprehensive information on brain injury visit Headway UK and who have a large range of downloadable fact sheets.

Caring for someone with a brain injury

Caring for someone with a brain injury can be challenging for a number of reasons. Often it presents a big change to the lives of all the family and there can be many complex emotions surrounding this.

We run Carers Support Groups across Norfolk and Waveney which offer a safe space for people to share some of the unique challenges they face with others who can understand and validate their feelings. Strength is gained through realising you are not alone with your difficulties and experiences. Our groups are staffed by the OT team, so as well as a knowledgeable ear, we can also provide a guided relaxation within the sessions.

The Headway UK Website has additional information on caring for someone with a brain injury. Click below to explore their website further.

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