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Our Headpods Podcast

Headpods is a series of inspiring interviews with people who have overcome huge adversity following their brain injury. It is presented by Emma Martins, who herself has an acquired brain injury.

Inspiring others with Brain Injury

Emma Martins was at the height of her career as a television producer when she sustained a brain injury caused by a life-threatening viral infection she contracted while on holiday in Vietnam. Given just a 20% chance of survival and spending three months in hospital, she fought extremely hard.

Following her illness Emma had to relearn how to walk and come to terms with the realisation that it would be impossible for her to return to her previous career.

Learning to adapt to having partial sight, cognitive fatigue and severe dyslexia as a result of her brain injury, she created a podcast titled The Longest Battle as part of her own rehabilitation and to help others experiencing their own traumas and life battles. Following the success of that podcast, Emma has gone on to created the Headpods series which features a wide range of individuals from across Norfolk and Waveney.