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Our Headpods Series

Headpods, sponsored by Hatch Brenner Solicitors, is a series of inspiring interviews with people who have overcome huge adversity following their brain injury. It is presented by Emma Martins, who herself has an acquired brain injury.

Inspiring others with brain injury

Headpods is sponsored by Hatch Brenner Solicitors.

Emma Martins was at the height of her career as a television producer when she sustained a brain injury caused by a life-threatening viral infection she contracted while on holiday in Vietnam. Given just a 20% chance of survival and spending three months in hospital, she fought extremely hard.

Following her illness Emma had to relearn how to walk and come to terms with the realisation that it would be impossible for her to return to her previous career.

Learning to adapt to having partial sight, cognitive fatigue and severe dyslexia as a result of her brain injury, she created a podcast titled The Longest Battle as part of her own rehabilitation and to help others experiencing their own traumas and life battles. Following the success of that podcast, Emma has gone on to created the Headpods series which features a wide range of individuals from across Norfolk and Waveney.

Episode 1: Stacey Whatling

Stacey fell from three steps down an entire flight of stairs at home. She suffered a traumatic brain injury which wasn’t initially diagnosed due to her hip sustaining a break in the fall.

Listen to episode 1 here

Episode 2: Chris Clark

This episode features Chris who changed his career from London carpenter to Headway Area Manager after his Brain Injury. Receiving life support and being in a coma with no recollection, Chris has made a miraculous recovery.

Listen to episode 2 here

Episode 3: Jeremy Goss

This episode features Norwich City FC Legend Jeremy Goss. In his HeadPod, Jeremy talks about his childhood, family and of course, football career. He explains that whilst playing in the 90's, he suffered many concussions from heading the ball and on one occasion had to go to A&E.

Listen to episode 3 here

Episode 4: Mandy Hathway

We speak to Mandy Hathway, who suffered a stroke at just 20 years old. Mandy's story underlines the fact that strokes don't just happen later on in life they can happen at any time at any age.

Listen to episode 4 here

Episode 5: Mark Baldwin

In todays Headpod we meet Mark Baldwin, who survived an aneurysm at the age of only 23. Disclaimer: this podcast contains material that some may find distressing.

Listen to episode 5 here

Episode 6: Tamara Bond

Tammy got kicked in the head by a horse as a small child. Twenty years later she started having epileptic fits which were then linked to her accident. Her story is incredible and shows that years after an accident knock on affects can occur.

Listen to episode 6 here

Episode 7: Robert Sistern

Rob grew up in Norwich and fell into drug addiction from a young age. Luckily Robert survived falling from a second floor onto concrete, he now lives independently with a brain injury. He tells us his story of addiction and coming out the other side.

Listen to episode 7 here

Episode 8: James Piercy

In 2011 James was involved in a car accident with his family. Thankfully, James' three children were not injured, but his wife was tragically killed, and he was left unconscious with a serious traumatic brain injury. James has now re-married and is committed to continuing his recovery and sharing his passion of public speaking to inspire other brain injury survivors.

Listen to episode 8 here