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Headway Norfolk and Waveney Named Aston Shaw's Charity of the Year, Cementing a Powerful Alliance for Community Impact

Author: Tara Davis

Posted: 11.03.2024

Posted in: Charity newsCorporatesFundraising

Aston Shaw, renowned for its dedication to corporate social responsibility, has proudly designated Headway Norfolk and Waveney as its Charity of the Year. This strategic partnership symbolises a significant stride forward for both entities in their shared mission to effect positive change within the local community.

As a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with acquired brain injuries, Headway Norfolk and Waveney stands humbled by Aston Shaw's decision to champion their cause. With a mutual commitment to community upliftment, this collaboration endeavours to heighten awareness and secure resources essential for supporting individuals navigating the aftermath of brain injuries, including stroke.

Spanning across pivotal towns in the region, including Dereham, Norwich, Great Yarmouth, and Kings Lynn, where Aston Shaw maintains its offices, Headway Norfolk and Waveney's outreach seamlessly aligns with the firm's ethos of backing local initiatives. This strategic focus on community hotspots underscores both organisations' determination to maximise their impact and foster tangible transformations in the lives of those impacted by brain injury.

Tara Davis, Headway Norfolk and Waveney's Fundraising and Communications Manager, exudes excitement about the partnership, remarking, "Being selected as Aston Shaw's Charity of the Year is an immense honour for us. This collaboration significantly bolsters our capacity to deliver essential support services to individuals and families impacted by acquired brain injuries across Norfolk and Waveney. We eagerly anticipate working hand-in-hand with Aston Shaw to leave a lasting imprint on our local communities."

Zain Awan, Aston Shaw's Commercial Director, echoes Davis' sentiments, affirming, "At Aston Shaw, we are deeply committed to effecting positive change within the communities we serve. We recognise the pivotal role played by Headway Norfolk and Waveney and are thrilled to support their endeavours aimed at enhancing the lives of individuals impacted by brain injuries. Together, we can harness our collective strength to enact meaningful change and usher in enduring benefits for individuals and families in our local towns."

Aston Shaw and Headway Norfolk and Waveney extend a warm invitation to the local community, businesses, and individuals alike to rally behind their cause. Together, they aspire to forge a brighter future for individuals and families navigating the complexities of brain injuries in Norfolk and Waveney.